Apply for Council Tax Support and/or Housing Benefit

Use this application form to make a claim to BCP Council for:

* if you are currently getting Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support in Christchurch or Poole and are moving to a Bournemouth address

* for Council Tax Support

Please note that we can only accept new Housing Beneft claims if you are currently getting Housing Benefit in the BCP council area or if you are in temporary accommodation under Homelessness Prevention legislation, in certain supported accommodation or have reached State Pension Age. For everyone else help with rent is now part of Universal Credit.

Before you start you will need to know:

* what benefits you already receive or have claimed

* your National Insurance number

* details of any outstanding benefit claims

If you are supporting the claimant to make the application, the claimant must read the summary, read the declaration and then tick the box to submit the claim. You cannot do this on their behalf unless you have a legal Power of Attorney to act for them.

Start a new form

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Continue with a saved form

Choose this option to continue filling out your saved application. You will need the reference number and password you were given when you saved the form.